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Why Choose Intellomx ?

A Novel Approach for AI in Drug Discovery

The Intelligent OMICS mission is to identify biomarkers that will lead to new diagnostic and therapeutic products for commercial development.

Many companies lay claim to AI technologies but the majority of such claims relate only to simple regression methods or principal components analysis. The Intelligent OMICS ANN algorithm is based on 20 years of machine learning research using artificial neural networks.


What this means in practice is that the Intellomx technology can provide answers to clinical questions – by identifying hidden patterns in large healthcare databases – that are impossible for human researchers or other ‘AI’ companies to answer. 


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In the complex world of biology, the ability to identify non-linear relationships, to stratify complex clinical trial or other healthcare data, and to create new understanding of the underlying biological systems and pathways allows Intellomx to achieve something extraordinary:

  • the rapid identification of new drug targets with high probability

  • Identification of existing and new drug molecules with high probability of relevance

  • the creation of new companion diagnostics  including complex panels of biomarkers of high predictive relevance

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