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Intellomx USPs


Features and Benefits

Increased profit sooner

The I3 algorithm compares up to 50m models per hour: drug target matched to modulating NCE or existing drug now takes 5-10 weeks not 5-10 years.

Successful clinical trials and new blockbusters

The I3 system identifies the optimum stratification within any dataset, developing drugs relevant to the largest possible proportion of the population. I3 indicates the minimum stratification necessary.

Validated output, reduced need for wet lab discovery

The I3 platform integrates output from multiple datasets, selecting ‘concordant’ results to mitigate the issues of data bias or overfitting that plague other AI applications.

Reduced risk of clinical trials failure

A key feature of the I3 platform is its reliance on human data – typically transcriptomic data for hundreds of patients. Drug discovery based on human data means confidence in efficacy.

Clinically relevant output

The Intellomx team combines bioinformatics AND biology. CSO & Professor Graham Ball trained first as a biologist, then as a statistician/machine learning expert, and built his team to match.

Discovers underlying systems biology

The I3 platform is fully developed following 15 years of research and analysis of multiple case studies (50% cancer-related and 50% in other areas). Results have been validated in phenotype.

Creates novel drugs and biomarket panels for diagnostics

I3 analysis is evidence-based. The algorithms reveal all material information within the datasets, using non-linear analysis, matching the complexity of human biology.

Panel ideas brought to life

POSitive, our panel optimisation service, can be applied to single marker panels or multi-marker panels. POSitive enhances sensitivity and specificity.

Suitable for research or clinical development applicaitons

The I3 product family includes Distiller, Miner, Driver, POSitive and Cloud with special purpose  apps adapted to development of: new drugs, new diagnostics or new prognostics.

Our USPs

Amongst many benefits of the Intellomx technology is the ability to identify pathways and drivers of disease progression which can help develop new and targeted therapies.

Intellomx technology also offers a significant benefit in being able to rapidly screen large numbers of proteomic, genomic, metaboloimic or transcriptomic biomarkers, using non-linear Insilico methods, to identify biomarkers (singular or in panels) that address biomedical, physiological and clinical questions in molecular data. 


This approach can also identify molecular drivers associated with clinical physiological features, specific to the disease population being analysed.  The markers identified by these approaches have been shown to have excellent biological relevance and high sensitivity and specificity both for seen and new unseen populations.

Cost and Time Savings
Intellomx technology offers considerable commercial advantages in terms of cost and time.  The Insilico approach allows screening of millions of molecular combinations and interactions without the need for extensive wet lab time and costs, “wet lab work” only being require being  for validation of the final small selected panel of markers.

Intellomx has developed methods that have greatly reduced the computational time required for analysis from weeks to days or even hours, enabling it to handle the ever increasing sizes of data sets.

A further benefit, from a commercial viewpoint, is that over 50% of the markers identified are classed as novel biomarkers, not previously associated with the condition under study, leading to the opportunity for the development of patentable IP.

Accelerating the Drug Discovery Processs

Intellomx can also utilise the findings of its Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) to identify with strong probability potential new chemical entities or repurposed drugs which act on key molecular drivers for a given disease state. This can supercede months and years of wet lab R&D to yield new drugs associated with novel druggable entities.

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