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Intelligent OMICS + MDC + Arctoris press

Intellomx Update December 2020

Biology 2.0: Combining machine-learning, robotics and biology to deliver drug discovery of tomorrow

This is our latest news on a new collaboration to validate our AI-discovered drug targets

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Intellomx Corporate Presentation

All About Intellomx

This is our current corporate presentation which has an in depth presentation of Intelligent OMICS from the bottom up, including our technology, features and benefits, clients, case studies and corporate overview. Please click on the image to the left to download!

Executive Summary Intellomx BD Q2 2020_0

Intellomx Executive Summary

Intellomx in Short

This is a one page Executive Summary of Intellomx. Please click on the image to the left to download!

Press Releases

Intellomx PR April 2019


Intellomx Press Release about Artificial Intelligence

This Press Release discusses Intellomx and the emerging world of Artificial Intelligence for drug discovery.