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What We Do

How We Operate

Intelligent OMICS operates across the complete field of healthcare where good biological data exists.
It operates by providing the following services:

  • Data mining

  • Biomarker discovery

  • Development of decision support models

  • Development of Companion diagnostics

  • Mapping interactions and pathways in data sets using systems biology techniques

  • Identification of key molecular drivers of biological systems

  • Identification of induced toxicity pathway

We have developed a novel approach:
Our I3 platform (“Intuitive Informed Intelligence”) is proven. Our work over the last 18 years proves that these non-linear discovery tools are highly suited to the analysis of complex biological data 

The I3 platform identifies the most influential markers in a biological system, confirms their direction of influence and the relevant known drugs or chemical library hits: we find the molecular drivers of a given phenotype, leading to identification of new drug and diagnostic targets as well as new applications for existing drugs.

How We Work with Our Clients

  • Collaborative working on a shared risk and reward basis

  • Contract – a Fee for the service provided

  • Partnership – to develop Intellectual Property created by Intellomx technology, on a Licensing or Joint Venture basis

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