Assets for out-licensing are created by putting our own technology to work. In-house R&D is generating a stream of valuable IP. Initial assets for partnering (see table above) relating to:

Oncology           I3 analysis has identified 23 molecules ‘missing’ from the MEKK Pathway, as currently described in literature. Intellomx assets for partnering or out-licensing represent known drugs or NCEs that are known to modulate the most influential missing targets. Results validated statistically across 9 datasets.

COPD                 I3 analysis has identified 6 molecules critical to exacerbation at different stages of COPD but which have not previously been associated with the disease. Intellomx assets for partnering or out-licensing represent NCE linked to two new drivers, providing an opportunity to interrupt progression of the disease from stage 1 to stage 2 and from stage 3 to stage 4.

TB Diagnostic    Tuberculosis (TB) in humans is characterised by an Active state, diagnosed efficiently by existing technologies, plus a Latent stage that has previously proved hard to diagnose. Patients in an immune-suppressed stage with Latent TB are likely to convert to Active TB, resulting in mortality. The I3 analysis has identified a panel of blood-based biomarkers for application in a hand-held point-of-care PCR device or in a lab setting that accurately identifies patients with Latent TB (as well as diagnosing Active TB or confirming disease free state).

The in-house research team continues to develop proprietary assets across a broad range of themes with further assets for out-licensing to be announced.

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