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AI from target to IND


Intelligent OMICS Ltd ("Intellomx") discovers the biological targets that drive disease.

We solve pharma's problem: "where do we find the next blockbuster drug?"
And we do it faster and more economically than has ever been possible.

Our Intuitive Informed Intelligence     methodology finds the novel biological targets that drive disease and our Digital Twin helps predict pre-clinical tox effects, saving up to 90% of pre-clinical development costs and reducing the need for animal trials.


We offer our services to pharma and apply our technology in-house too:
Our own
KRAS lung cancer assets are ready for out-licensing now. 


Our Services

Intellomx offers a wide set of services to our clients and collaboration partners.

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Intellomx     technology identifies the key drivers in disease pathways, revealing the underlying systems biology of multiple diseases.



Our Digital Twin provides a platform for rapid testing of off-target effects via disease pathways, saving costs and unnecessary animal trials. This is a major break-through

Novel Drug Discovery

Intellomx     technology uses proprietary artificial neural network algorithms to model non-linear biology, finding patterns that could not previously have been identified.  


Intuitive Intelligence

Our non-linear discovery tools are highly suited to the analysis of complex biological data from multiple sources resulting in novel outcomes in a fraction of the time taken by traditional research.

Novel Outcomes for New Drugs

Our proprietary approach to AI eliminates potential drugs that would fail in development, saving up to 90% of pre-clinical drug development costs in a portfolio, in response to industry demands. 

Companion Diagnostics

Intellomx technology optimises diagnostic panels and creates companion diagnostics with the minimum number of biomarkers - ideal for lateral flow devices, PCR or similar platforms.

Our Services


"    in silico studies accelerate drug discovery, save cost by avoiding unnecessary lab work, increase the success rate of clinical trials, optimise patient stratification and create patentable new drugs and diagnostics.

There is a revolution underway in drug discovery."


Prof. Graham Ball. CSO Intellomx

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