AI for Drug Discovery

Intelligent OMICS Ltd (Intellomx) is a UK-based translational company converting Big Data into biological intelligence.

We use public and proprietary information including transcriptomics, genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and real patient data to discover new drugs and biomarkers. 

Our systems approach is called     for "Intuitive Informed Intelligence". Our technology approach is based on high speed creation of Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) which can evaluate tens of millions of data in short period of time, to identity key drivers for systems biology. And to connect these drives to therapeutic modalities including new drugs, repurposed drugs and biomarker panels for disease.

Intellomx uses novel proprietary Artificial Intelligence approaches applied to translational biology to


  • discover new drugs for old diseases

  • identify existing drugs for new targets

  • create new diagnostics to stratify patient populations

We transform biological data into clinical benefit!


Our Services

Intellomx offer a wide set of services to our clients. Please contact us for a confidential discussion.



Intellomx I3 technology can identify key driver pathways to enable better understanding of underlying systems biology.

Biomarker Discovery

Intellomx technology examines a wide range of public and private data to identify new molecular biomkarker panels as drivers for disease.

Novel Drug Discovery

Intellomx I3 technology delivers neural networks capable of analysing millions of data points to identify new drugs and drug targets.

Intuitive Intelligence

Our non-linear discovery tools are highly suited to the analysis of complex biological data from multiple sources resulting in novel outcomes.

Novel Outcomes for New Drugs

Our proprietary approach to AI removes much of laborious wet lab efforts to identify new drugs and potential repurposing of existing drugs.

New Hits for Old Drugs

Intellomx technology uses high throughput analysis of complex biological pathways to identify novel molecular drivers for disease and novel drugs.



I3 in silico studies accelerate drug discovery, save cost by avoiding unnecessary lab work, increase the success rate of clinical trials, optimise patient stratification and create patentable new drugs and diagnostics. There is a revolution underway in drug discovery.

Prof. Graham Ball

CSO of Intellomx

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